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What is a working capital loan and what is it used for?

A working capital loan finances the current assets of a company. In concrete terms, it is intended to finance operating resources for the operation of a company.

If you compare the working capital loan with a personal and private financial situation, you could see a working capital loan as a business repayment credit. However, this form does not always have to be the case and varies from bank to bank.

This means that this type of loan can be a company credit line. There are no terms and no monthly repayment installments.

Unless the maximum loan amount is exceeded and the monthly accrued interest payments are settled, this corporate loan remains in place.

The working capital loan primarily serves to continue the production of the company.

Working capital examples

  • A design and graphics company needs in the short term a working capital loan for the acquisition of new computers
  • A blowroom has lost machines for cleaning clothes due to frost damage. An insurance was not available. However, the machines are a prerequisite for the continuity of the company’s operations. A fast operating loan for the purchase of new cleaning machines is needed.
  • A marketing company wants to attract new customers. Additional capital is needed for advertising. A working capital loan helps to generate new customers and increase sales.
  • A hairdressing salon starts offering a mobile service. The company needs 5 new vehicles which can be financed with a suitable company loan.

Ultimately, the loan agreement will decide on the underlying terms and conditions in what form and type repayments will take place. A working capital loan is usually used for long-term operational purchases.

In comparison, there is a short-term investment loan that serves to compensate for unexpected financial shortages.

For what purpose can you apply for a working capital loan?

For what purpose can you apply for a working capital loan?

In any case, working capital loans are earmarked for operations. In most cases, a working capital loan is needed when there is low cash flow. Outstanding open invoices from customers can just as well be the reason for requiring a business enterprise.

Short financial bottlenecks can secure the sustainable and lasting continuation of the operational activity with the help of a working capital loan.

Commercial loans

Commercial loans

Working capital loan for the continuation of the company activity. The intended use is precisely specified for a working capital loan. It is clear, therefore, that these financial resources are intended for the production of the company.

In many cases, this type of loan is a form of a framework loan. Thus, it can be assumed that in most cases the interest on a working capital loan is higher than on a regular loan.

It is obvious that companies with long-term financing such as the construction of buildings or the purchase of expensive machines and resources are better served to conclude a corporate loan in the form of an installment loan.

Working capital interest rate

The banks also speak of a working capital loan to provide a so-called call-off loan. Often, the term bank overdraft is also used.

As with all loans, this type of loan is also a lending business where banks, as well as credit intermediaries, make money.

Corporate loans comparison

As with all business loans, it is important to compare and compare all possible corporate loans and loans on terms and conditions. The working capital loan, in most cases, serves as an operational bridging loan, which can also be seen as a short-term loan.

Due to the generally higher interest rates, this form of credit is not intended for long-term and long-term financing of operating resources. For these cases, long-term corporate loans are generally provided with better terms.

But also long-term loans for companies should always be compared in advance with market rates and terms.

Where can I get a working capital loan?

Rieder Enterprises always tries to compare equipment loan providers. It is also possible with our company credit comparison calculator to retrieve suitable lenders and offers quickly and easily and to gain a good transparent overview.

Working capital loan for the self-employed

Working capital loan for self-employed and freelancers also serves to finance an entrepreneurial activity. Even small entrepreneurs and freelancers have the opportunity to finance short and medium-term claims with the help of a working capital loan.

In our free premium list you will find suitable lenders who offer a working loan specifically for self-employed and freelancers.