Do you have any financial problems, but you have doubts about whether you really need a loan? In some situations borrowing money can be a trap but in other cases the perfect solution. See what your case is.

And now, whether or not to make a loan?

And now, whether or not to make a loan?

I spent it by emergency and got tight

There are certain expenses that get us unprepared, are the emergency expenses, such as the need for a sudden surgery, for example.

The fact is that these contingencies tighten anyone, and before applying for a loan, it is advisable to examine if it is possible to cut off some other expense to afford the emergency.

Selling some good, like a vehicle, is a very good option.

However, if nothing is accessible, use caution when opting for any form of credit, research hard before accepting an offer.

Drop out of pre-approved high interest credit lines, such as overdrafts and credit cards. In this case, making a personal loan is the most appropriate.

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I’m in high debt


Again, making a personal loan is a very good alternative to take out expensive debts, since this mode has more affordable rates.

Organize your finances, pay overdraft or credit card rotary with personal loan.

However, pay attention to two things when replacing expensive debts with cheap ones:

  • It is advantageous

Take a loan corresponding to the value of the debts and take them out.

Inquire about debt consolidation to understand the advantages of failing to pay off parallel debts and spend making only one month-to-month payment.

  • It is not advantageous

Getting a loan worth of debt, however, fails to pay what is outstanding and add money to income.

In doing so, you may end up spending all the credit you have earned and continue in the red.

I want to make the payment of the card’s invoice

If you want advantage, do not do that.

Even with the new rules of the newspaper , in which the consumer is obliged to pay the bill after one month of the minimum payment, choosing to install it is more expensive than asking for a personal loan.

The advantage of the new law is that the interest rate falls from 500% to about 150% per annum, even so, being obliged to pay off the card is much more expensive than paying the total.

Find your rate

Find your rate

Hiring a loan is very easy, now you can do everything directly from your home with just a few clicks. Around 24h you can have the money in your account and end your problems.

But remember, do not let the loan commit more than 20% of your salary.

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